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Need a Legal Department at a fraction of the cost of hiring a law firm?  

Legal Department Solutions offer a full range of services to your company, from helping you comply with government regulations to ensure that your company can meet its contractual obligations.


Legal Department Solutions can also provide valuable protection in the event that your company is sued or your intellectual property is misappropriated.

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We Help Businesses Solve Their Legal Problems

Having your own legal department has many advantages over relying on external services from law firms and other providers, not the least of which is the cost savings. Instead of paying someone else to handle your legal issues, why not hire your own legal department?


Legal Department Solutions offers an affordable and effective solution. Our membership provides you with cost-effective access to top-notch legal services, ensuring that your business remains in compliance with all relevant laws. Say goodbye to unexpected legal expenses and hello to a more secure and prosperous future for your business.


Don't wait; join Legal Department Solutions as a member today.

Get your own Legal Department working for you immediately.

It’s every business owner’s responsibility to minimize your business’s risk — but you don’t have to do it alone.


Being proactive will help you stop legal headaches before they start, and Legal Department Solutions is here to help.


Legal Department Solutions offers business owners a proactive approach to legal matters. We keep you informed about legal changes that could impact your business, ensuring you're always one step ahead.


By becoming a member, you're not just protecting your business today; you're investing in its success tomorrow. Join us now and stay ahead of legal challenges.

Revolutionizing Legal Access: Unlock Unlimited Attorney Support with a Monthly Membership!

We cover the full spectrum; from ensuring compliance with government regulations and enforcing contracts right through to protecting clients in case of litigation or intellectual property theft.


Moreover, working with us is not just economical but also efficient; we understand that businesses need all-in-one solutions that fulfill their needs after which they can focus on achieving success!


Our membership is your legal department, offering support and protection so you can focus on what truly matters—growing your business and achieving your goals. Join us today and experience the confidence that comes with having a dedicated legal partner on your side.


Don't miss out—become a member now and secure your business's future with Legal Department Solutions.


What our Clients Say

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Practice Areas Our Florida Business Lawyers Can Help You With

At Legal Department Solutions in Florida, we understand the importance of having a dedicated and knowledgeable in-house legal team. Our business lawyers have years of experience and expertise in the field of corporate law, providing the best possible legal counsel for your company.

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Business Law

Our team of business law attorneys helps clients with corporate entity formation, business and corporation acquisition, business planning, business agreements, customs, administrative audits, FDA inspections, and import and trade law.

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Business Litigation

At Legal Department Solutions, business attorneys may try to resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration. But when a resolution can’t be reached at pre-trial, we fiercely advocate for our clients in myriad areas of business law where business litigation commonly happens. These cases include contract disputes, licensing issues, partnership dissolution, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance.

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Contracts & Agreements

Our team of experienced business and corporate attorneys represent clients in a range of industries, ranging from health care, consumer products, life sciences, media and entertainment, telecommunications, and technology to retail, service, energy, aviation, and financial services. Naturally, we’ve cemented our status as one of Miami’s leading law firms by helping many of our clients navigate tricky contracting laws, including the specifics of negotiation and drafting. 

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Corporate Law

We represent clients in a broad range of industries, from consumer products, media and entertainment, technology and telecommunications to aviation, energy, financial services, restaurants and retail, and some of the services we do for these business professionals include:

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Business Entity Selection, Organization & Structuring
  • Executive Agreements, Compensation & Benefits
  • Corporate Governance
  • Cross-Border Planning, Investments & Transactions
  • Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances
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Intellectual Property

We help our clients with legal issues concerning:

  • Trademarks
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Trade secrets
  • Copyrights
  • E-commerce and Internet issues
  • Entertainment and commercial litigation
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Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between business partners happen in every industry. Many times, disputes occur between business partners in the healthcare sector when their business agreement doesn’t include language that removes one of the partners who is no longer contributing to the business or is exhibiting unethical behavior, has no language to appraise to the practice if a partner wishes to buy another partner’s shares or be bought out themselves, does not deal with the dissolution of the practice if one or more doctors wants to leave, or does not address how current shares will be affected when new shareholders enter the scene.

Join the many thriving companies that have taken advantage of the legal counsel provided by Legal Department Solutions.


Legal Department Solutions offers an affordable and effective solution. Our membership provides you with cost-effective access to top-notch legal services, ensuring that your business remains in compliance with all relevant laws.

Say goodbye to unexpected legal expenses and hello to a more secure and prosperous future for your business.


No Hidden Fees

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Meet Our  Team

Running a successful business is no easy task, and navigating the complex world of business law can be overwhelming. That's where Legal Department Solutions comes in. Our membership program is designed to empower business owners by providing comprehensive legal support and protection.


With our team of experienced attorneys by your side, you can confidently tackle contracts, compliance, and any legal challenges that come your way. Secure the future of your business with the peace of mind that Legal Department Solutions offers. Join us today and become a member to fortify your business against legal challenges.


Our eclectic staff members create an environment where fresh ideas and experiences consistently inform our practice-which, in turn, provides clients with top-tier service.


Santiago A. Cueto

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Top Rated Business Lawyers in Florida

I knew Legal Department Solutions would be successful if we built a business based on a philosophy to value relationships with our clients and their legal needs. To create a culture of thoughtful advice and personal service. I’m proud to say this industry-disruptive approach must be working.



As one of Florida's fastest-growing legal counsel services, we have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, CNBC, Forbes, the National Law Journal, the Daily Business Review, the Miami Herald, the Los Angeles Business Journal, Sports Illustrated, Entrepreneur, PC World, and many other media outlets.


We have represented Fortune 100 companies and foreign governments in various complex commercial litigation and transaction matters.


Our vast corporate and business experience has served to counsel companies operating throughout the world. We currently serve as the legal department to many companies including insurance technology, logistics, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.


It is the spirit of teamwork and working together that enables us to be the best.


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