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Who is Legal Department Solutions for?

Legal Department Solutions is your dedicated legal partner, offering an affordable and effective in-house legal solution. Say goodbye to external legal fees and hello to a secure and prosperous future.


With us, you gain access to top-notch legal services, proactive legal strategies, and a team dedicated to your business's success.


No more unexpected legal expenses – just reliable legal support.

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Streamline Your Legal Processes

Our team of experienced legal professionals is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive services, from contract reviews to corporate governance.


We simplify industry jargon, ensuring you understand every step of the process.

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Secure Your Business Assets

Protecting your business assets is crucial for growth and stability.


Our legal services are designed to safeguard your business, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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We Help Businesses Solve Their Legal Problems

Our membership provides you with cost-effective access to top-notch legal services, ensuring that your business remains in compliance with all relevant laws.


Say goodbye to unexpected legal expenses and hello to a more secure and prosperous future for your business.

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Transparent Pricing for Comprehensive Legal Coverage

We believe in transparency, especially when it comes to pricing. With us, you know exactly what you're paying for.


No hidden charges, just clear, affordable legal services tailored to your business needs.

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Free Legal Intro Call


First and foremost, schedule your complimentary Legal Intro Call. This service provides a comprehensive overview of your current business legal standing, highlighting areas of strength and identifying potential risks.

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Customized Service Plan


We will create a customized service plan tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you require assistance in contract reviews, corporate governance, or want to secure your business assets, our plan will clearly outline the services you need.

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Clear Pricing


Once we've determined the services required for your business, we provide clear pricing with no hidden fees. You'll know exactly what you're investing in, allowing you to manage your legal budget effectively.


At Legal Department Solutions in Florida, we understand the importance of having a dedicated and knowledgeable in-house legal team. Our business lawyers have years of experience and expertise in the field of corporate law, providing the best possible legal counsel for your company.

Business Law

Our team of business law attorneys helps clients with corporate entity formation, business and corporation acquisition, business planning, business agreements, customs, administrative audits, FDA inspections, and import and trade law.

Business Litigation

At Legal Department Solutions, business attorneys may try to resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration. But when a resolution can’t be reached at pre-trial, we fiercely advocate for our clients in myriad areas of business law where business litigation commonly happens. These cases include contract disputes, licensing issues, partnership dissolution, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance.

Contracts & Agreements

Our team of experienced business and corporate attorneys represent clients in a range of industries, ranging from health care, consumer products, life sciences, media and entertainment, telecommunications, and technology to retail, service, energy, aviation, and financial services. Naturally, we’ve cemented our status as one of Miami’s leading law firms by helping many of our clients navigate tricky contracting laws, including the specifics of negotiation and drafting. 

Corporate Law

We represent clients in a broad range of industries, from consumer products, media and entertainment, technology and telecommunications to aviation, energy, financial services, restaurants and retail, and some of the services we do for these business professionals include:

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Business Entity Selection, Organization & Structuring
  • Executive Agreements, Compensation & Benefits
  • Corporate Governance
  • Cross-Border Planning, Investments & Transactions
  • Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

Intellectual Property

We help our clients with legal issues concerning:

  • Trademarks
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Trade secrets
  • Copyrights
  • E-commerce and Internet issues
  • Entertainment and commercial litigation

Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between business partners happen in every industry. Many times, disputes occur between business partners in the healthcare sector when their business agreement doesn’t include language that removes one of the partners who is no longer contributing to the business or is exhibiting unethical behavior, has no language to appraise to the practice if a partner wishes to buy another partner’s shares or be bought out themselves, does not deal with the dissolution of the practice if one or more doctors wants to leave, or does not address how current shares will be affected when new shareholders enter the scene.

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I knew Legal Department Solutions would be successful if we built a business based on a philosophy to value relationships with our clients and their legal needs. To create a culture of thoughtful advice and personal service. I’m proud to say this industry-disruptive approach must be working.



As one of Florida's fastest-growing legal counsel services, we have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, CNBC, Forbes, the National Law Journal, the Daily Business Review, the Miami Herald, the Los Angeles Business Journal, Sports Illustrated, Entrepreneur, PC World, and many other media outlets.


We have represented Fortune 100 companies and foreign governments in various complex commercial litigation and transaction matters.


Our vast corporate and business experience has served to counsel companies operating throughout the world. We currently serve as the legal department to many companies including insurance technology, logistics, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.


It is the spirit of teamwork and working together that enables us to be the best.

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What You Need to Know About Mechanic's Liens in Florida

January 30, 20245 min read

What You Need to Know About Mechanic's Liens in Florida

business law

If you're in the Florida construction or real estate industry, you've likely heard the term 'mechanic's lien' tossed around like a hard hat on a busy construction site. These legal tools are as crucial to your work as any piece of equipment – yet understanding and wielding them effectively can be as complex as constructing a building from the ground up.

In this comprehensive guide, I walk through everything you need to understand about mechanic's liens in Florida. From the nitty-gritty of how they function to why they're vital for your professional safety net. So grab your plans, your specs, and your legal pads, because we're diving into a foundational element of Florida's built environment.

Mechanic's Liens 101: A Strong Foundation

Let's start with the basics. What exactly is a mechanic's lien, and why does it matter? A mechanic's lien is a security interest in the title to property, particularly in the state of Florida. It's designed to secure payments to contractors and others who provide labor, materials, or professional services for improvements upon the property. Essentially, if you've contributed to a property's improvement and haven't been paid, a mechanic's lien gives you a powerful claim to the property itself.

Mechanic's liens exist to safeguard the right of those involved in improving real property to get paid for their work. They date back centuries and are based on the belief that enhancing property value shouldn't leave contractors vulnerable to nonpayment. For Florida contractors, mechanic's liens are more than just a legal concept – they're a shield and a sword, protecting their interests and enforcing their rights in the fluid world of construction projects.

Navigating Mechanic's Liens in Florida

In Florida, mechanic's liens are a mosaic of legal requirements, critical timelines, and strategic enforcement. As a contractor or a subcontractor, understanding how these elements interlock is the difference between financial security and potential loss.

The Dance between Parties

At the heart of a mechanic's lien are three key parties: the contractors, the subcontractors, and the property owners. Contractors and subcontractors have legal lien rights, while property owners are the ones against whom these rights are exercised. Lien rights stipulate when and how parties can place a lien on property, often following nonpayment or a breach of contract. For example, if a subcontractor hasn't received payment from the general contractor, they may file a lien against the property to the value of the work completed.

Lien Filing: A Strategic Art

Filing a mechanic's lien is not a spur-of-the-moment decision. It's a strategic move with precise timing and intricate filing requirements. In Florida, the process is rooted in statutes that dictate who is eligible to file a lien, the necessary elements it must contain, and the deadline for filing – which is typically one year from the last day of work on the project.

The steps to filing are not uniform but generally require serving a Notice to Owner, recording the actual lien with the county, and serving a copy to the relevant parties. Each step has specific requirements and deadlines that, if not met, can render the lien unenforceable.

Enforcement: The Moment of Truth

After a lien is filed, comes the critical juncture of enforcement. It's time to turn the security interest into a monetary judgment. Florida grants three primary methods of lien enforcement: filing a foreclosure action, an action to enforce the lien, or a simple suit for breach of contract. This process is a litmus test for the lien's validity and reflects the contractor's determination to claim what they're owed.

Common Hurdles and Hitches

While the mechanic's lien process in Florida is designed to protect contractors, it's not without its traps. Mistakes in lien filing can lead to disputes, non-enforcement, and a loss of payment. For example, a missed lien deadline can extinguish your claim to the property. Understanding these common issues is the first step in avoiding them.

Timing Is Everything

Mechanic's liens are incredibly time-sensitive. Missing the deadline, even by a day, can invalidate a lien entirely. It’s essential to maintain diligent records of the project timeline and to be aware of when to file. This precision is not just a formality; it's the linchpin of the entire lien process.

Accuracy in Documentation

A lien is only as good as the documentation that supports it. Any discrepancies in the lien paperwork can open the door to legal challenges that could undermine your claim. Ensuring that all documentation from the Notice to Owner to the lien itself is accurate and complete is paramount.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Effective communication among all parties can prevent the need for a lien in the first place. Openly discussing issues of nonpayment and progress billing can often resolve a potential lien situation without legal intervention.

The Importance of Legal Counsel

For any contractor in Florida, the laws surrounding mechanic's liens are not a DIY project. Seeking legal advice from an attorney experienced in construction law can be the difference between a successful lien and a null and void filing. Legal counsel can guide you through the process, ensure your paperwork is in order, and represent you in any enforcement actions.

Final Considerations: Your Lien Legacy

While the mechanic's lien process in Florida may seem complex, it's an indispensable aspect of a contractor's toolkit. By understanding the process, remaining vigilant with deadlines and documentation, and seeking legal support as needed, you'll not only protect your business but also contribute to a construction landscape that values and rewards hard work.

Mechanic's liens are not just another cog in the legal machine; they're a direct reflection of the state's commitment to supporting and promoting a vibrant construction industry. By respecting the process, you fortify not just your individual projects, but the industry as a whole.

In conclusion, if you're a Florida contractor, the mechanic's lien might just be your best friend in the complex dance of construction payment. Study up, stay informed, and should the situation arise, wield that lien with the seasoned precision of a master craftsman. Your project – and your payment – may just depend on it.

Legal Department Solutions offer a full range of services to your company, from helping you comply with government regulations to ensuring that your company can meet its contractual obligations.  

Legal Department Solutions can also provide valuable protection in the event that your company is sued or your intellectual property is misappropriated.  

Having your own legal department has many advantages over relying on external services from law firms and other providers, not the least of which is the cost savings.

Legal Department Solutions

Legal Department Solutions offer a full range of services to your company, from helping you comply with government regulations to ensuring that your company can meet its contractual obligations. Legal Department Solutions can also provide valuable protection in the event that your company is sued or your intellectual property is misappropriated. Having your own legal department has many advantages over relying on external services from law firms and other providers, not the least of which is the cost savings.

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